"Discover A Money Revolution Far Bigger Than Bitcoin the World Has Ever Witnessed..."

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Take a good look at the image below.

You might not understand this unique computer code, but the breakthrough technology behind it has kicked off … In fact, it’s happening as you read this content.

It’s the greatest money revolution of all time.

It’s NOT Bitcoin!

And it’s already making an early wave of early investors richer than they ever dreamed possible.

Medium reports it is going to have “a revolutionary impact on the daily life of nearly every person on the planet.”

Amrit Kumar, president, chief scientific officer and co-founder of Zilliqa calls it “the fastest-growing sector in the crypto industry today.”

Other experts say there has never been a global shift like this one in history.

With the potential to ultimately grow …

40 TIMES bigger than the entire tech industry.

60 TIMES bigger than the entire oil and gas industry.

And 80 TIMES bigger than the general insurance industry.

The amount of money pouring into this breakthrough has already soared nearly 18x just in the last eight months.

This massive disruptive force threatens to transform — or even replace — your broker, your bank and a rapidly growing share of the financial markets all over the world.

It’s an investment opportunity with the potential to create more millionaires and billionaires than Microsoft, Apple, Google or Facebook.

My name is Emmanuel Adegbola, by His grace, I’m the Senior Pastor at RCCG Abundant Grace Embassy, here in Balch Springs, TX and I would love to use this medium to invite you to a special one-time event that I will be hosting on Sunday, May 16th, 2021 on the topic....

The Greatest Money Revolution of All Time

Each time I host a special event like this, many people experience a radical financial turnaround for good. Take for instance, the testimonial below.

Just in case you are reading this, and you have not heard of me or met with me before. I’m popularly known as the Forex Apostle, simply because I’m a minister of the Gospel, I trade Forex market for a living and I disciple others to success in Forex, Cryptos and Stock Market.

This seminar is going to be FREE, but you will need to register for your FREE access.

While coming, please wear your FACE MASK. In fact, it is mandatory for all Attendees.

Date : Sunday, May 16th, 2021

Time: 1:00PM Central Time

Venue: Abundant Grace Embassy, 3603 Shepherd Lane, Balch Springs, TX 75181

Light Refreshment Will Be Provided.

Click the Button Below Now to Reserve Your Seat.

Please Print Out Your Confirmation Page and Come with It.

What Others Are Saying About the Host – Emmanuel Adegbola (A.K.A. “The Forex Apostle”

Some of What You Will Be Learning at The Event

How to Get Started with Micro Currencies Investment
Right Mentality Behind Micro Currencies Investment
How to Build Your Life-Changing Retirement Micro Currencies Portfolio
My Top Recommended 6 Micro Currencies to buy right now.
Where to buy these Micro Currencies
When to Sell the Micro Currencies for Maximum Returns
How to Safely Store Your Micro Assets
And so on…


I don’t host this kind of events often, the last time I hosted an event like this, Bitcoin was less than $6,000 and today Bitcoin is trading around $60,000.00

No Credit Card is Required

I’ll see you at the Event.

About Your Facilitator

Emmanuel Adegbola

A.K.A. “The Forex Apostle”

He is the President/CEO of Hidden Riches, LLC. A Success Coach, A Motivational Speaker, International Best Selling Author, Facilitator, Certified Holistic Marketer, A Gospel Drama Minister, Certified Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, Forex Coach and Mentor, the brain behind so many Forex trading software, Founder of TraderMatic, and above it all; he is a minister of the Gospel. A senior Pastor of RCCG Abundant Grace Embassy.


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